We Provide tracking solutions for you to track and monitor your loved one's, personal, field staff(s), vehicle(s), fleet, assets, etc. over Google Earth in real time by your own PC from anywhere everywhere. There is no need to pay for map or monthly service charges. This information improves your value to your customer by improving the level of service you provide. Better information also leads to higher profits through better fleet management.
Our services includes:
Premier Map Service
Our Software uses the FREE downloadable Google Earth software as its mapping platform. So it is not only low cost but also covers most big cities of the world. It is an excellent GPS tracking solution for the customers worldwide whose tracking area is not covered by digital map but well covered by Google Earth Satellite images.
Installation Service
Our products are designed to be self-installed. However, if you prefer we provide professional installation via a network of independent installers throughout the country.
Customer Service
Our customer service department is here to provide immediate assistance by responding to all your questions. Our staff cares about the little things that make a difference to your experience with us. As a result we continue to receive the most positive feedback from our customers.